Aged Home Care: Preventing Injuries, Falls, and Accidents

They prevented us from getting hurt when we were little; now, it’s our turn to take care of them. Caring for aged parents can be challenging. You have to allot time and money on making sure they get the best of services from a health care provider. If your parents don’t like being in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), the best option is to get aged care at home.

aged care at home

What is home care?

In Australia, especially in homecare industry, there are government funded agencies that provide a variety of packages and services that cater to your aged parents’ needs. This includes personal grooming care, a skilled home care agent, an affiliate General Practitioner, and companionship services. The package will depend on your parents’ capacity of taking care of themselves.

Protecting your parents

Now, if your parents are eligible for home care, the next thing to do is to avail your home care package. However, as their concerned child, you can’t help but feel like something’s not ready yet. Your aged parents’ home—that’s right. How can you make sure they don’t get hurt, even though there’s a skilled home care agent? You may have to make some preventive measures when getting aged care at home.

Collaborate for safety

The best home care agency is the one who constantly collaborates with you. Recap the package’s services and get the best out of them by discussing some concerns about your parents’ home safety. They may suggest some of these steps:

  • Clear some paths

A good way to start modifying your parents’ home is by taking a step back and seeing things from a distance. If you have a floor plan of their house, you can review it for some accident-prone areas and spaces where maneuvering a wheelchair may be hard. If you want to take a major change, you can contact some builders or companies that specialize in renovating residential buildings’ interior spaces in a fixed and affordable price. Here’s a tip though: you may ask them to enlarge your parents’ room since it costs lower than other home interior renovation services.

  • Modify accident-prone areas

1 out of 3 people aged 65 and above get injured from a fall every year. An aged home care that includes house modifying should be mandatory in home care packages, especially packages for disabled patients. Here are the following fixtures you can buy and install in slippery areas:

  • Bathroom stainless steel hand rails
  • Shower hand rails
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Anti-slip treatment for bathroom tiles
  • Grab bars anywhere in the house
  • Sensor-operated faucets
  • Hand held shower
  • Get techy

The benefits of installing one or two surveillance cameras will benefit your parents and your home care agent. Remember to put them in open areas such as lounges, living rooms, dining rooms, doorways, etc. to give them privacy. Here’s why installing a surveillance camera while having aged care at home is so beneficial:

  • Surveillance cameras are easy to install
  • They provide security 24/7
  • Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) can broadcast over the internet—which means you too can help monitor your parents daily or weekly.

Protecting and caring for your aged parents doesn’t have to be so complicated—and that’s what a home care agency is for.

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