Discover How You Can Make Your Next Travel on a Budget

One of the greatest concerns people have when planning to travel is the travel cost. Sometimes, you may find that you do not have enough money to cater for all your travel needs. In most cases, the hotel cost occupies the largest percentage of your total travel cost. If you had the means to reduce the hotel cost, you are likely to find your travel cost very affordable. Below are ways in which you can locate a great Hotel next to Bumrungrad hospital on a budget.

Time the Off-Peak Period

The best way to cut your hotel room cost is traveling during the off-peak seasons.  Actually, traveling during this season can help reduce your hotel costs by about two-thirds. Since few people travel during this period, most hotels cut their rates to attract business.

Stay Midweek

If travelling during the off-peak period does not suit you, try to make your travels on weekdays rather than weekends.  If the Hotel next to Bumrungrad hospital you plan to stay in does not handle business travelers, you are likely to find pocket-friendly rates on weekdays.

Search for Promo Codes Online

Search online for promo offers or coupon codes before you book a hotel. In case you book via a third party site, remember to look for codes linked to the hotel and the booking site.  In addition, you can follow your most preferred brands on twitter and Facebook. Companies usually announce flash sales or distribute codes on social media. Alternatively, you may contact the company to know if they offer coupons to loyal customers.

Shop Around

Just like cars, every hotel offers roughly similar things at varying prices. You can find the most affordable cost if you search for hotel prices on few different sites, or on an aggregator site such as To prevent your search history from influencing your searches, delete your laptop cookies between searches.

Bundle Your Vacation

In case you use a third party website, attempt at bundling your vacation. Certain sites will offer discounts in case you rent a car or buy airfare alongside booking your hotel room.  Also, to get a bargain, you should price out your room and airfare separately.

Juggle Around with Your Entertainment Package

Most hotels provide entertainment packages, which add attraction and meal tickets to the rooms.  These packages may appear a good deal at first. However, research well before making your reservation.  Get to know what is in included in the package to avoid spending on things you don’t need.

Join a Loyalty Program

Most prestigious hotels offer loyalty programs. They offer free nights after you stay in the hotel for a number of times.  They may also offer you great discounts and other bonuses, such as room upgrades and evening receptions. You can join most loyalty programs for free.

The above are only some tips to make your hotel cost affordable.  In case your pocket cannot hold exaggerated trip, formulating ways to travel at an affordable cost is not a daunting task. You will only need to plan carefully, and think beyond the usual vacation options. With a little consideration, you could stay in one of the best Hotel next to Bumrungrad hospital at a pocket-friendly cost.

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