Murray River Holidays Offers to Consider

When the holiday season is drawing closer, many people get excited even when they are still undecided on the places to visit or what to do with their time. A change is as good as a rest; that is why doing something different each holiday could make a lot of sense. It goes without saying that one place worth exploring is the Murray River found within the Australian Alps. When planning for a perfect family holiday, take a look at some of the offers for Murray river Holidays this season.

Murray river Holidays


At 2,508km, Murray River is Australia’s longest river. It rises within the Alps before meandering in between the inland plains that eventually form the borders between Victoria and New South Wales. The river touches a number of places in its journey to the Indian Ocean. Along the way, it connects with several other rivers and small water bodies. This makes a trip to this part of Australia one of the most exciting. Not to be left out in the excitement, a holiday maker could find out some of the greatest Murray river Holidays on offer at the moment.

Murray River has a great history that makes for a perfect reading. In fact, a book has been written to give details to all who care to read how and when the great river came to being. It is believed that the iconic Australian river has its history traced to more than half a million years back. Find out more about its formation during a holiday to this great natural feature. Look for choices on Murray River Holiday offers currently.

There are a number of holiday packages for holidaymakers to check out. These are;

  1. Accommodation – Make early bookings on accommodation during the holiday season to avoid last minute disappointments. All types of accommodations are available for various pockets.
  2. Houseboats – There are numerous houseboats to book for couples and the whole family. Take advantage of early booking discounts to save on cash. Find out about exciting adventures for the holidays Murray River offers during this festive season.
  3. Events and Festivities at the Murray – During the holiday season, numerous events and festivities are held for holidaymakers. There are fun activities that one cannot afford to miss out on.
  4. Canoeing– The brave hearts can take advantage of canoeing at the river.
  5. Murray Darling Basin – Murray Darling Basin is one fantastic spot that captivates many visitors. Take advantage of a visit to Murray River by visiting this eye-catching spot.
  6. Murray River Adjoining Towns – Murray River flows through a number of towns. Take a houseboat trip and experience the beauty of these towns firsthand.

Despite a number of activities owing to human settlement and projects that the river supports, it is still home to a variety of fish. These include Murray cod, silver- perch, Macquarie- perch, catfish, eel-tailed, Australian smelt, trout cod and western carp gudgeon. The indigenous fish species have declined, but they are still available and can make a trip to the Murray practically educational especially for schooling children. When thinking about a holiday that can double up as an educational trip for the youngsters, find out about Murray river Holidays offers currently.

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