Patient centered medical services in Carseldine, Queensland, Australia

New health care program:

In these busy days, many people find it difficult even to visit their physicians. Because of lack of time, people try to manage with some of the over-the-counter medicines, and when the illness escalates, they run to the physician. In order to cater to the medical needs of the people, and more so that of the working classes, in particular, some of the innovative doctors in CarseldineQueensland, Australia joined together to start a new health care program.

Convenient working hours:

Keeping the convenience of patients in view, some of the Carseldine doctors have opened these ‘patient centered’ clinics in and around the Carseldine suburb of Queensland.   In fact, you can find such clinics near the popular mall, near railway station and in short, in places frequented by people.  These clinics work from 7 am to 11 pm throughout the day. All these clinics have been opened to enable the people, and the working class, in particular, to get regular medical attention.

The unique features of the doctors in Carseldine medical centers are briefly explained here.

Qualified and experienced doctors: These clinics are devoted to providing quality health care. With this in view, these clinics have on their panel Carseldine general practitioners who are adequately qualified and highly experienced. The doctors always care and provide the necessary comfort to the patient. The doctors would explain to the patient in an appropriate manner about the nature of illness and the line of treatment he or she will be following. They make the patient feel confident, which naturally makes the patient much relaxed.

Case history:  The case history of every patient is recorded on the computer and for any reason, the regular doctor treating the patient is not available, then the doctor in attendance can retrieve the case history of the patient.

Refined experience of patients: As you walk into the clinic, you receive a warm welcome.  Just walk in at the appointed time and the doctor would attend to you immediately. There is no need to wait in the long queue. As some of the patients point out, the very waiting room is so designed that it makes them feel abundantly relaxed.

Advanced treatment: If any patient requires advanced treatments like surgery, then the doctor would make a reference to a reputed doctor. Then all you need to do is book an appointment with anyCarseldine doctor surgery. This helps the patient to a great degree because he is completely relieved from the trouble of finding a suitable surgeon to treat his ailment.

Fully equipped clinics: The clinics of doctors in Carseldine are fully equipped with all the modern necessary investigation gadgets such as the BP apparatus, ECG and so on. Each of these clinics has employed abundantly trained and experienced para-medics.

Consultation fee: According to the view expressed by many patients, the consultation fee at these clinics is much lesser than any other clinic of its class.

Visit the website:

Consultations can be booked over the phone or even online. The clinics are spread over various locations of Carseldine, Queensland. Visit the website of the clinic and you would appreciate the numerous services available there. You can also find out the location of the clinic and also the details of doctors attending these clinics.

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