Should You Get a Face Lift In Houstaon?

Blazing hot summers in Houston have definitely affected the amount of moisture in your skin. Dryness and sun exposure can often lead to aging, taking out the youthful glow of your face. Although rehydrating and eating healthy can be a helpful option, it may not always work for people with bad genes. That’s why a good number of women have decided to avail of a face lift Houston has to offer. Before jumping into the bandwagon, let’s take the time to understand what’s in a face lift procedure.

face lift houston

A great face lift will give you a youthful and beautiful appearance. In fact, a face lift Houston session from the offices of Bradford S. Patt, MD, FACS can do more for your life as to giving you a great look that you know will look amazing. It can even be used with Juvederm injections to provide you with assistance for giving your skin the treatment that you require. Still, you have to understand what will go into the face lift process.

How Does This Work?

Before your face lift, your face can look droopy and can sag quite a bit. Your face may be filled with plenty of wrinkles. The skin may also look darker than it has to be.

After a face lift, you will have a cleaner and brighter look to your face. It will not have all the sagging marks and lines that it used to have. It will have a tighter and more attractive look with plenty of excess skin spots being trimmed off.

The doctor will start the process by creating an incision around the temple. The muscle and tissue that is around your face will be moved up around the incision area. This is done to help give you a healthy look to your face while keeping the skin from sagging far too low.

Some fat and skin may be removed from the area. Anything that might be causing the sagging or other problems around your face to develop should be cleared out at this point.

The Main Goal

The right plastic surgeons Houston service can do this as a means of ensuring that your skin will not look too weak. A great surgeon can find spots around your skin that have worn out and are sagging and then do two things. The surgeon will raise up the skin to keep wrinkles from being visible and then clear out excess fat and skin spots to make it easier for the skin to be smoothed out.

This is especially great for those who want their faces to look smooth and young. Those who are older in age can take advantage of utilizing a face lift Houston professional to create that youthful look you have always desired.

Work With Professionals

You can get a face lift Houston service from a great professional who is fully trained to work with the overall process to ensure that your skin will look as attractive as it can. Specialists who are board certified to work with otolaryngology, or face-related processes, will certainly help.

It Can Be Paired With Juvederm

You can also use a Juvederm Houston session to help you out with keeping your face healthy to go alongside the face lift. Juvederm is a popular injectable filler that can minimize the appearance of wrinkles. This may be used in the event that there are still any visible wrinkles that might get in the way of your face after the face lift is done. This may especially help if your face appears to have any shallow or uneven spaces after the face lift is complete.

Be sure to contact the office of Bradford S. Patt, MD, FACS for help with getting this great option for your Houston cosmetic surgery needs. You can contact the office at 281-552-8111 and you can also get in touch with the office in the Houston area at 915 Gessner, Suite 235. You can also visit for more information on how you can use this service among other cosmetic surgery options.

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