Wedding 101: Short-Term Planning for Your Big Romantic Day

Planning a wedding usually takes a full year especially when you are planning a big celebration. However, your situation right now calls for a more urgent action. You only have a few months to get everything ready for your big day. This means limited time to find unique wedding venues, bridal outfits, send invites, and have everything sorted out. Smoothen the crease on your forehead because you have found the right guide to pulling off a successful short-term wedding planning.

While it’s quite the challenge to complete the whole wedding setup in such a short time, it surely isn’t impossible. Funnel your priorities to the most important down to the least important. You have to organise the things you need to prepare to get the work started. That said, here are some tips for you. Click here SkyHigh Mount Dandenong

Date, Venue, and Guest List

The three things that you have to finalise when you hold your big day, where you will host it, and who will be attending. Finding special occasions venues at the last minute can be tough especially during wedding season. Once you have picked out a date, book a location as soon as possible. Large cities, like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, have plenty of unique wedding venues to choose from.

How do you choose a venue? You pick out by environment, price, location, and size of the area. You want a place that can accommodate all your guests. To get a better headcount of the wedding attendees, send your invitation ahead. This way, the invited individuals have enough time to respond and you can collate all responses in time.

Food, Drinks, and Entertainment

Finding a caterer can be just as hard as spotting a good venue. Some Dandenong ranges wedding venues have their own food package that you can avail yourself of for the wedding. Meanwhile, other functions and gardens only provide a venue. Unique wedding venues with wedding packages are far more convenient and ideal to book for yourself. You can try visiting to see some perfect wedding functions.

Furthermore, a celebration is never complete without any entertainment. You can hire a DJ, a band, or a single singer to keep everyone in a partying mood. This can be the last of your worries when planning a wedding as this can be settled really quick. Although, you have to take note that some business function venues have limitations and rules when it comes to noise.

Honeymoon Getaway

Despite the rush and pressure of the whole wedding planning, you still need to take time to make decisions for your honeymoon. Where do you and your significant other want to go? Do you want to have your honeymoon now or later? Planning a honeymoon is a part of the whole wedding plan. After making a final decision, book your tickets ahead to get them for a cheaper price than getting them too close to your wedding date.

All things considered, planning your big day takes effort, dedication, and commitment. It’s the first step to your most sought-after happy ending. Take the time to look back on this guide as you complete the preparations of your wedding. A well-prepared event is the most enjoyable celebration.

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